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Canadian Women’s Hockey League will cease operations in May

(Canadian Women's Hockey League)

The Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) will discontinue operations in May, its board of directors announced on Sunday, saying it was no longer “sustainable financially”.

“Unfortunately, while the on-ice hockey is exceptional, the business model has proven to be economically unsustainable,” the league said in a statement.

The league, with six current teams in North America and China, was founded in 2007 to grow the sport of women’s hockey.

Last week 175,000 fans tuned in for the 12th edition of its championship, the Clarkson Cup, a new record for viewership, the CWHL said.

New management and a new board had been put in place in 2018 and worked with contract staff, players, general managers, industry partners and corporate sponsors to establish an adequate revenue base, the league said.

“Unfortunately the business model that has been the foundation of the league is not sustainable financially,” it added.

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