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Cowherd says benching Eli Manning is ‘dignified’ solution


On his radio program today, Colin Cowherd suggested that the decision to bench Eli Manning will allow him exit the game gracefully as a back-up and mentor to rookie star Daniel Jones. He also pointed out that the move prevents Manning from having a career losing-record if the Giants have as bad of a season as it looks like they will.

“This is dignified,” said Cowherd. “Eli Manning can now be a mentor for the next 14 weeks.”

Coward also shot down the idea that Manning could request a trade and start somewhere else: “Don’t go to Jacksonville, Eli. You and Tom Coughlin can hang out some day in Jacksonville on a golf course. Have beers and talk about the good old days.”

“Think about this, the Colts got over Peyton Manning easier than the Giants got over Eli Manning.”

Kevin J. Smith covers the world of sports media and entertainment for The Fanatic.

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